Dom Perignon champagne is a luminous and dazzling wine made in France. It is being made in an area that is not too far away from Paris. In fact, it is made in the area which is just about 1 hour journey from Paris. In actuality, it is the only area where fine Champagne and wine could be made. It would be better if you know some history regarding the wine production and the companies and firms that produced wine from their beginning.

The first wine that was produced commercially for the public of France was in the area of Limoux that is situated in France. This wine production from that particular area was made in the year of 1535. However, you could easily believe that sparkling wine was not invented then. In addition, people also didn’t know the true reality of the wine production and the companies that produced wine.

Dom Perignon champagne was introduced by none other than Dom Perignon himself in the early sixties, possibly in 1638-1640. If we focus back in the history, Dom Perignon who was actually known as Pierre Perignon was a monk at the Abbey of Hautville that is situated in France near Riems. It should also be known to numerous of you out there the wine was previously introduced and people were aware of wine production in the Champagne region.

Dom Perignon is the recognized cuvee of the prominent Moët ET Chandon Champagne house. They are the first brand to introduce this Champagne wine and were well-known producers of the Champagne wine. Dom Perignon is also fully recognized as Champagne wine or vintage dom perignon. Though it was produced in 1936, it became the prominent Champagne wine brand throughout the world. The Champagne comes into a variety of standards rather than packaging. The two most famous styles are known as the brut style and the Brut Rose style. Both of the styles come into 2 sizes regarding their packaging. Either it is available in 750ml bottle or it is available in a bigger size of 1.5 liter. The dom perignon brut is rather more used nevertheless it all depends upon your choice. If you are more comfortable with the dom perignon brut rose, it is nice as per your choice.

The 2002 dom perignon is in addition the version introduced in the year 2002. Formally, the dom perignon prices vary from $50 to $180 depending upon the retailers that you select. Usually, there are numerous retailers that sales the dom perignon champagne on their set prices nevertheless you might need to do a research so that you could find the best retailers in your nearest area or might be in your neighborhood. The most important thing that varies in all the retailers is the price of the same dom perignon brut and dom perignon brut rose for numerous retailers. You can also have an online follow a line of investigation for the price comparison among many retailers for the same bottle.

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blaise Says:

2012-03-02 20:49

I had always heard that as far as Dom Perignon goes, 1961 and 1921 were supposedly the most legendary Champagnes.


ottley lacour Says:

2012-03-02 20:48

My wife and I shared the 1999 on a recent vacation. It was exceptionally lovely. It was earthy and warm but also lush with tropical fruits like pineapple and coconut. I remember also a distinct exotic spiciness, like anise and tobacco, etc.


kistner Says:

2012-03-02 20:21

Well what about that crazy ‘Bol Sein’ with the uh, female part? Ha! I understand the reflection on history, but come on, does it really need Claudia Schiffer’s… you know.


bunn dechant Says:

2012-03-02 20:18

Just in 2010 I believe was when a first rose Oenotheque came out. The ’90, I want to say.


stough hammontre Says:

2012-03-02 20:15

Wow, the second release.. The wines themselves are already rarified enough, as they only come out in decent vintages anyway –those wines are aged eight years before release.


ocasio bain Says:

2012-03-02 20:14

Ah, naturally! Everyone remembers the 1961 from Dianna and Charles’s wedding. Or actually, their wedding breakfast; and appropriately,the wine of her birth year!


azar ducksworth Says:

2012-03-02 20:13

I thought the 1961 was supposed to be the best Dom Perignon ever made? I remember reading in December in Decanter about it being named as one of their Wine Legends.


gaertner longoria Says:

2012-03-02 20:10

There are several Oenotheques that I know of. Evidently, the 96, 95,93,90 were all fabulous from the nineties. Of course there is the 62 Oenotheque, too. D.P. got a lot of press for the 93 Oenotheque release when Karl Lagerfeld and that model Claudia Schiffer did the party.


hoelscher figgs Says:

2012-03-02 20:06

The Oenotheques are really pretty cool. The cellar master may choose to re-release a previous vintage wine..That is, the original wine is kept, aged until he (the cellar master) believes another great point in its maturity is reached. The wine is bottled and re-released with the Oenotheque designation. It may even happen a third time.


delaune rudolph Says:

2012-03-02 20:05

I’ve seen this “Oenotheque” variety of Dom P’s wines on pricey wine lists a couple times. What is the difference between that and the already pricey Dom Perignon?